Entry Requirements

At FCBC we believe in offering everyone an equal opportunity to study. Hence applicants do not need high educational qualifications to enroll. Each applicant is assessed independently based on ability to perform.

All applicants are expected to fill a registration form and take the entrance examinations for Diploma programme. Entrance exams are taken to purely determine if an applicant can read and write effectively.

We welcome applications from overseas learners and offer the same chances and standards of excellence to everyone.

For international students we can assist you to obtain a student’s residents permit in order for you to stay in Ghana. Please note you will be expected to pay your fees in full before any such assistance can be given by the school.

Admission Dates

1st Quarter 8th January, 2018
2nd Quarter 3rd April, 2018
3rd Quarter 3th July, 2018
4th Quarter 1st October, 2018

NOTE: Admission for FULL-TIME Programmes is Quarterly; Admission for SHORT/SELECTED courses takes place throughout the year( January - December).