1. Cosmetology –Duration - 1 Year 5 Months

a. Hairdressing (Basic To Advance)
b. Manicure / Pedicure
c. Nail Technology
d. Eye Technology
e. Make – Up Artistry
f. Facial Therapy
g. Swedish Massage
h. Body Waxing
i. Salon Health And Safety Management
j. Anatomy And Physiology

2. Beauty Therapy Level 2 –(7 Months )

a. Manicure And Pedicure
b. Facial Therapy
c. Eye Technology
d. Make- Up Artistry
e. Body Waxing
f. Salon Health And Safety Management
g. Anatomy And Physiology

3. Spa Therapy (Lev. 2&3) – (14 Months)

a. Anatomy And Physiology
b. Salon Health And Safety Management
c. Manicure / Pedicure
d. Facial Therapy
e. Eye Technology
f. Make-Up Artistry
g. Advance Manicure/ Pedicure
h. Electro – Therapy
i. Special Effect Make – Up
j. Swedish And Indian Head Massage
k. Hot Stone Massage
l. Eskay And Shiatsu
m. Body Waxing
n. Body Scrubbing / Masking
o. Aromatherapy Oil Blending

4. Hairdressing Duration (7 Months)

a. Shampooing and chemical Relaxing
b. Cutting and Coulouring
c. Thermal Styling/Blowdrying
d. Hair Treatment
e. Luxury Curls
f. Weave On
g. Three and Two Step braids
h. Cane Row
i. Bridal Styling

Short Or Selected Courses

• Manicure And Pedicure
Duration – 1 month

• Nail Technology
Duration – 1 month

• Make – Up Artistry
Duration – 1 month

• Facial Therapy
Duration – 3 Weeks

• Eye Technology
Duration – 3 Weeks

• Salon Health And Safety Management
Duration - 1 week


• Swedish / Holistic Massage
Duration – 4 Weeks

• Indian Head Massage
Duration -1week

• Hot Stone Massage
Duration – 1week

• Eskay And Shiastu Or Thai Massage
Duration – 2 Weeks

• Aromatherapy Oil Blending
Duration – 1 Week

• Body Scrubbing / Masking
Duration -1 Week

• Body Waxing
Duration – 1 Week


• Hair Bronze 1 (Shampooing, Relaxing, Blow Drying Etc.)
Duration – 4 Weeks

• Hair Bronze 2 (Hair Treatment, Cutting, Colouring, Etc.)
Duration – 4 Weeks

• Hair Silver (Fixing Weaves Etc.)
Duration – 4 Weeks

• Hair Gold 1 (Braiding Rasta, Twist, Etc.)
Duration 4 Weeks

• Hair Gold 2 (Cornrow, Bridal Styling) Etc.–
Duration – 4 Weeks

PLEASE NOTE: Hair Bronze 1 is compulsory for those who wish to specialise in any of the other levels listed under hairdressing. Students would have to pay and partake in Hair Bronze 1, before they can proceed to specialise in their desired level. Hair Bronze 1 is crucial as it offers all the basic training/introduction to hairdressing.