Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy Level 4 (Dermal Technology)

FC Beauty College (FCBC) is one of the few colleges to offer the Dermal Technician Programme. With over twenty (20) years’ experience, our training is facilitated by seasoned lecturers, who have had extensive training and work experience in dealing with complex skin problems. Our Dermal Technician programme is an Advanced Specialist Course (Level 4), which equips students with the knowledge to solve complex skin conditions; a one (1) year top-ranked course comprising an intensive series of stimulating lectures, research and hands-on practical sessions.

Entry Requirement:
Applicants must have completed Beauty Therapy (Level 3) OR Spa Therapy (Level 3), with at least 6months work experience.

Dermatology and Microbiology

  • Study the structure and function of the skin
  • Skin-related diseases and treatments


Students should expect to meet with lecturers twice a month to cover topics such as Product Chemistry, Advanced Ingredients Technology, Chemistry of Hair & Beauty Products, Skin Morphology and Treatment and Microbiology working with the Dermatologist. As this programme is continuous learning, students are expected to have permanent working positions in a dermal-oriented organization such as Spas, Skin Clinics and Hospitals OR with a Dermatologist, to ensure they benefit fully from the hands-on training.

  • Understand the chemistry of active ingredients in hair and beauty products.
  • Understand the effects and safe use of active ingredients in hair and beauty products.
  • Understand the properties of packaging materials in relation to their structure.
  • Understand the properties and effects of ultra-violet radiation on hair and beauty products and their packaging materials.

Other Career Opportunities

Graduates can also work at the management level with Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons and assist in formulating basic products to solve various skin conditions