Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy Level 4 (Nail Option)

The Level 4 programme is designed to give a further professional progression in skills development at the Advanced Diploma Level of Beauty Therapy to those who want to specialise as Professional Nail Technicians.

Entry Requirement:
It is recommended that learners should have achieved all the competences at the Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy level- 3 (Nail Technology) or its equivalent.

Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy-Level 4 (Nail Technician)

Aims and Objectives:
The main aim of the FCBC Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy –Level 4 (Nail Technology) is to enable learners to gain the professional practical and theoretical skills to enable the learner to treat and reconstruct broken nails, infected and deformed nails.

  • Medical Nail Reconstructions
  • Treat infected Nails
  • Treat deformed nails
  • Nail reconstruction
  • Broken nails
  • Infected nails
  • Deformed nails